The Vineyard
Mt. Veeder Appellation
Harvest Notes


Scaggs Vineyard sits at the northernmost reach of the Mt. Veeder Appellation within the Mayacamas Ridge, at an altitude ranging from 1100 to 1400 feet. The micro-climate in our hills is milder, by as much as ten degrees summer and winter, than that of the Napa or Sonoma Valley floors on either side of us. Typically our grapes take 3 or 4 weeks longer to ripen than at the lower elevations. Soils in the vineyard, residue of what was at one time a high lake bed, are high in complex mineral content with sand, shale and volcanic elements.

Planted in 1998-2000, the vineyard blocks scattered over the hillsides make up a little over two acres of Rhone varietals: mourvedre, grenache, and syrah; in 2007 we added a small amount of counoise. The care we take in farming is the most important work we do for the wine. The steepness of our hills means that cultivation and harvesting must be done entirely by hand. We follow an annual no-till cover crop program of native grasses, legumes and beneficial flowers. Vine spacing is 6 x 5 on trellises.

Since 2005, the vineyards, fruit and olive orchards at Scaggs Vineyard have been certified organic by CCOF. (California Certified Organic Farmers) Our winemaker, Ken Bernards, and his winery operation are also CCOF certified.