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Dominique Scaggs, Proprietor

Dominique Gioia Scaggs wears several hats at Scaggs Vineyard, some outdoors among the vines and others behind a desk attending to the paper trail of wine. "My family has always lived in a food-and-wine-centric universe," she says, "so I'm not surprised to find myself here, but the truth is that the first small syrah planting we did was a kind of happy accident, and in a series of serendipities, the rest has followed. One of the best bits of luck we had was that the land we'd settled on was particularly favorable to growing the Rhone varietals we loved to drink. " 

Dominique moved to California in 1988 to work for North Point Press, a much-loved small press that closed its doors in 1991; she continued to work in book publishing at Pantheon Books' Berkeley office and as a freelancer.  Independent projects included compiling and editing two books on culinary icon M.F.K. Fisher on behalf of the Fisher estate: A Welcoming Life: The MFK Fisher Scrapbook (Counterpoint, 1997) and The Measure of Her Powers: An MFK Fisher Reader (Counterpoint, 1999.) 


Dominique Scaggs, Proprietor and Creative Director